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cheek disastrous results. It is a discredit to any sur-

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(often twenty-five or thirty at one time) have been

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Opened through abscess in 7th interspace, no rib, March 31, iS

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facilities for the training of persons who wish to be-

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Physicians follow the fashions. As -nith the practice of the

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ther direction, and passing into the perineum. How this is

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through the wound, and that none should penetrate into the peritoneal

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noses in position, after operation, by the use of clamps, rods

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soned comrades. The result was only 27, or 0.95 per cent, took enteric fever,

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formation of a red erythematous patch on the back of the

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the pure cultures he obtained was to treat a group of malignant tumors

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San Fronuf>0<iklon<r!^B«no^fOtt lok«City Chieogof ~

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very well for one of sixteen or eighteen years of age.

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Avoiding Allergens; along with a glossary and references. The book is written primarily for

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ber 17th. The summary of the reports is as follows : Number of new patients

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Nystagmus was present and the pulse feeble and rapid.

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The Way of the Health Officer is Hard.— In Brook-

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that smce birth of her child, which was five years ago, she

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gnostic train of symptoms, modified, of course, by the extent

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solid and coarsest dirt be strained out. If the consumer wanted

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under Providence, directly instrumental in the preservation

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Gentlemen: Your preparation "GURANIA" is a very valuable pain

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Ewing and Wolf in the paper mentioned above criticize severely the

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The last codicil to the will is dated February 22nd, 1776. He

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dinary land athletics would not be subject to such hard work.

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are relatively unknown in adults, but not very uncommon in young

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discharges, that the diagnosis of the disease should, if

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the patient increases, and as we approa(Ch)tiie^AmeBioiiOft.8taU^ ^le^lms*

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sepsis in these cases, unless practically impossible, was

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Convulsion Fits, &c. &.c. And no practical proof can be

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completing the work, which now exists in the form of four large volumes,

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the one hand, may constitute phlegmasia, and on the other,

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ing over it, leads to these functional and structural changes in

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