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exclusive specialty was Dr. Williams (1822-1888), of
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with M. Lisle as to the constancy of the relation, for in some
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was habitually constipated, and gynecologic examination
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prominence of the sternum, so-called pigeon breast, are more or less
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actions, for which arterial or oxygenized blood, is alone adapted.
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drains between the sewer and the house, thus converting every house
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Practically, this interference should be immediate in
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by megaloblasts. All this arises not from the occurrence of metastases in the bone-
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enlarge the number of examiners and to subdivide them into
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ing condition is called that of radioactive equilib-
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creolin were tried ; only two mild cases recovered in from
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micturate for one year, and shooting pains in both upper and
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re-educating the patients. — Dr. Carstairs Douglas read a short paper
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tem, 844; Separate and Combined Systems, 845; Quantity of
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cision. N. Ori. M. & S. J., 1896-7, xlix, 251,— Poirier (P.)
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ject, I hope to present a practical plan, and show its simplicity and
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reading these few graphic lines, cannot use the thermo-
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large amounts of tluids, at the same time destroying their odors.
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which we may learn sundry lessons of warning and guid-
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Dr. Churchill observed that this was a most interesting case. He
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graphy may have noticed in the remaiks on the inhabitants of Green-
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in five cubic centimeters of salt solution, adding a few drops of
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1947. La Boccetta, Alfred Charles, 2nd and Luzerne Sts.
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pression and smear preparations from the interior of the lesion were stained by