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Cultures from the throat in cases of pseudo-diphtheria
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F.— Table iV.— Cases and deaths from small-pox amongst the British
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Action Internal. — Ammonium carbonate is decomposed
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television which says something like "Massacre in Guyana . . . details
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to the anxious accoucheur, a resort to instruments of steel to
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with a chill followed by fever. The case was as follows : A lady was up and about her
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quinine will cure the disease it ought also to prevent it. But this
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trasts their state -with the abundant supply of vessels to the newly-formed
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successful ; but, in the larger proportion of cases, it will not succeed in
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Stephen Smith; Committee on Invitations — Drs. W. M. Polk,
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merly resident pTjysician at Glen wood, in a paper read be-
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surprise it caused very little pain, and, while she was with me, she scarcely
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stant demand also for horses, greatly diministes the chance
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liver is met with. Of the causes indirectly affecting the liver, diet holds a
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his blood impoverished, a similar wound will not heal by first
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Dr. Edward H. Skinner, Chairman of the Committee on
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For a time it was mistaken for F. bancrofii, but m 1894 Manson
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disease. However, the predictive potential is limited. A
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velopment of a periadenitis they may be firmly attached. In size they
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animal, not a bacillus properly so called) in our mouths,
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seen only once, is worthy of reference here. It is that of a
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branches extend back and occupy distinguished positions in
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touching I found the state of the soft parts and the presentation as fa-
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Some of them — the spleen — seem to send it on to the liver. Whether
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lungs, the liver, the spleen, and the kidneys. Is the difference
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light bodies may be transported by the atmosphere even to
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aged is not good. No small part of the progress in any
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the patient for the time being apparently well, great and sometimes
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44. Anthony BF, Keller MA, Kim KS: Recent advances in pediatric antimicro-
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and that of ton grains ; between the half grain and the two grains solution of
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without complications. ,Both mother and child are now
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coloration in Dr. Quinan's case. As three years had elapsed