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Vaccination was voluntary during the first portion of 1911, but

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normal ; respiration free ; heart's action weak. No en-

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ably tedious, and he could recall cases not yet recovered

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DeWitt Reese, in the Medical Record, December 23, 1905, says

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month later still the mother said that he could then recognise her across

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marked on one side of the body than the other ; the respi-

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lieved themselves healthy ; they did not appreciate the

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attempt to articulate, or by opening his eyes for a moment.

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tion of whether these admit of displacement without coexisting

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Pathological Anatomy. — The body in carbonic oxide poisoning remains

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Clarke and Meyer^^ report an interesting case of hypersensitiveness

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Xp^at? TOu Kvai'OV fjL€0v\ati'tov KaraT^? e\o/xtapcretu9. FaAT^rb?,

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Im; ''iui. d i_'L;ei-, Im ihkeirie. .ind the Initt-eiid nt a I'itle.

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As a practitioner, on the east side of the dty, he was

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ried ten years, and had no children. Without doubt she

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21. Schmidt: Miinchen. med. Wchnschr,, 1902, xlix, 51.

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framework pressing against the under surface of the

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not imagine that such cavities can be successfully treated

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trative cases. Neither neurotomy (optico-ciliary) nor the pro-

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Uses External. — A solution of carbolic acid (1-20) is

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the decrepitude of age, the imbecility of infancy and the precarious viri-

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cated to us the rather marked constancy of the position and extent

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a tub of clean water and presently they will be as lively and

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there would have been some inducement to educated and

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report of laboratory work showing the perfect success of the

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only a part of the symptoms in a given case, and, from the physician's

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bloodshed the world has ever seen. The cry has gone np in every land

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following, therefore, presents an illustrative diagram of the subse-

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