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treated by the strict cold bath must be accepted as logical evidence of

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the restoration of normal tone on the part of the vessels of any area

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unripe fruit or other unwholesome forms of food; (h) Age. Although

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(3) The Stage of Paralysis. — On account of the exudation the mental

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danger of a sudden ending by coma, cerebral hemorrhage,

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old, one eight years, and one eight months. The family was

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work in the dissecting-room, at his home, in his hospital work,

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the pigs ; taste it, and you will never cease to praise it. Jenny

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i-ullci>e, l)nt would close up those that luav now exist. This poweiv

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done without observation by the patient, who may be terrified by see-

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of this disease, then a rigid physical examination of the lungs should be

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Finally, if defervescence takes place by lysis or if the "critical"

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next to rest, the proper climate for the individual, where his

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to which no hot water has been added. Such a bath in New York City,

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Batlis — In acute cholera infantum baths are of paramount import-

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sion of the varied and sometimes apparently inconsistent results

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required is far less unpleasant and chilling than the gradually reduced

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and Rousseau, were first successfully practised with mental

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the membranes remain intact. The so-called solitary tubercle is an

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by any eoiirt id' cumpetent jurisdiction after trial n])on the merits,

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the body and constant agitation of the cooling water against the skin.

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deeply. We will probably utilize such places, but we must

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the disease from one child to another, thus suggesting a possibility of

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The proper way to eat pine-apple is to shred it and then

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the hot-water supply, which is made to flow through the coil into a

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author visited one of the largeest and most modern hospitals in Lon-

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delphia Hospital, Blockley, and at the University and Jeffer-

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should be absolutely cleansed and dressed by the nurse, having

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Cart House and its seedling Nero are lovely apples; in-

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with the cold compress and cured in eight to ten days ; only a few

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tion, as may be observed not only in different epidemics, but also in the

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the pipe leading to the house to be supplied, say one, two, or

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etc. — i.e., all influences which are capable of influencing chlorosis

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produced by cold water flowing over the face. If the patient is somno-

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the middle of the Flowery Kingdom. John walks in the

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hang.' As intellectual training does but add to his armament

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