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yet the vigor of the divisions affected may be relatively diminished to a

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This little book has been written for nurses, the purpose being to

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The treatment calls for the use of leeches behind the ears and over

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mation, and not to a simple transudation. The use of mild diaphoretics

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or following the occurrence of inflammation, as in lobar and lobular

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then go in a body on a special train to leave the La Salle Street Station

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A series from which we are expecting much is announced by Rebman

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atrophy, and partly because of the thickened myxedematous tissues of

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1,100 patients, entirely under its own management, a hospital which

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The most delicate test for occult blood is known as the

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Diagfnosis. — The condition cannot be overlooked when the urine is

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period. Retrogression never occurs. Ordinarily, the patients die of some

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and convulsions, may greatly subside during and after the use of the

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Cerebellar Disease. — The incoordination does not resemble that of

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The author states the purpose of this book to be for assistance to

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ovaries and other pelvic organs may induce palpitation reflexly.

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organic disease of the heart except aortic regurgitation. Tricuspid

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common form, at least in the earliest stages, as Foxwell's studies teach ;

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Physiology in the Owen's College, Manchester; late Demonstrator of

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The course of the disease is subacute, tending to become chronic.

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to as low as 16 or 17 per cent, in severe cases, the average quantity being

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and recumbency. The quantity of urine is diminished in the majority

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ness, and by the use of the laryngoscope. In cases in which the epi-

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nants of food, and is acid in reaction. pus, and alkaline in reaction.

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this scheme the simplest form of arc is that which starts with a stiumlus,

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The taenia echinococcus is also called tcenia nana by Van Beneden, but

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served, the intermissions and paroxysms each lasting for several days

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The prognosis is of course hopeless as regards cure or improvement.

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(Acute Gastro-enteric Infection ; Summer Diarrhea ; Gastro-enteritis ; Cholera Infan-

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The gait, however, is totally different, and consists of the high " steppage "

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slowly evaporated to dryness, and then touched with a drop of sodium

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supratonsillar fossa and downwards towards the lingual epiglottic

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