Complete Skateboard Builder

Complete Skateboard builder
complete skateboard builder
Sk8board or iPod?

What do you think I should get: Black Gold and new plan Pimpin 'a, b Sheckler board, or the new 4GB iPod nano? I've been thinking about this for a long time (two weeks) and still can not decide. What I can get? this is what the board looks like: [IMG] [/ IMG] is fine I guess that does not work so just go to the builder complete skate and collect all these things: sheckler plan b minted Case of 100) just collect all that and you get aboard my pimpin '. So what do you think, that or the iPod?

See how the answers Yahoo's is full of nerds go for the skateboard. Great for exercise and endurance. iPod can get anywhere. It could probably even for one day to skateboard.

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