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4. The events which are distinctive of ])articular fevei*s, and which do
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great dilution it is a normal constituent of the gastric
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Numerous other preparations are on the market, of which quinine
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there ; if you rejoice, it is there also— it is not in the mind,
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An eminently satisfactory [iroof of tbe proteid nature of
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Election of Officers.— At the executive session follow-
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many acts that would be extremely difficult during the waking
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hearts, narrow arteries, large lungs, small livers, and short
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In London. He was appointed professor of obstetric medlclneat King's
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were these the limits of his observation : The move-
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days to see the effectfof your remedy; but you can,
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ment in the condition of this miserable class of patient.
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Yellow Fever Through the Mother to the Fetus in Utero," he has brought
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was a tugging of the trachea, but that he thought was due to the
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intestinal canal and air passages produces obstinate con-
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much larger quantities of the drug than those required to produce
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teacher of medicine and surgery it is indispensable.
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the disease comes near proving that to be the true origin of the
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means of inflating the lungs. I may now shortly advert to the
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water and hung up to dry, the ulcer in the mean time being
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should be settled so decisively and thoroughly that, if the
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its absorption without injury or ''the criminal massage" that the doctor
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were very imperfect. The pelvis contained a quantity
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is felt notwithstanding. The whole process of feeding lasts two to
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there were 900 students of medicine. An hoiiorary nuMuher of tlie
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the contrary belief. And, with our author, whose opinion
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and in 20'6 per cent, after the menopause. In 18"6 per cent,
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ganglionic part is meant ; in the upper quarter of the
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second variety, which first shows itself during convalescence,
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