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kind enough to say, " It forms no part of my inten-
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manifestations on the following day to be so decided that it
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after operating, submit their patients to the horrors of
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breathing, being usually from 5 to 30 millimetres in favor of the former.
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are ambiguous, and are apt to be loosely used in two different
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la fievre typhoide et le typhus exanthematique. Nord
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to accumulate in the glands of the tonsils, and to be ejected by coughing in
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found useful, and to save trouble in writing letters, I have decided to
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sis — SL hemiplegia, a diplegia, or a paraplegia. In con-
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the smallest hope. All plans of treatment are more or less
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construction, I find as an unvarying law that the strength or
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scious" and the "sub-conscious" — not the exact dis-
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hand, the action of the duboia poison is mainly, if not
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tients compared to the strident noise produced by the whistle of a railway engine,
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recovered under the use of antiphlogistic means. — Gazetta Medica d%
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Lecons de Pathologie Digestive (Quatrieme S.'rie), par M. Locper. Paris :
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disease; and to this we have to add the chiference of symptoms
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trophy after the regurgitation came on the type of the
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Chloride of Iron. — In a communication to the French
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does the blood seem to have been examined microscopically ;
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of the malarial fever, and that the organ was regaining its normal color.
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such risk. Please inform me, where fears and objections are urged
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Leukemic Infiltration, — The leukemic process commonly involves
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complete, and by delirium. In some cases the convulsions constitute the
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I would stop and not persist ; but if there was a chance
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begin with hypochondriacal ideas. It is common to meet with patients of
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roentgenologist by indulging in long and continued sobbing.
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Regius Professor of Medicine in Oxford University, Oxford, England.
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.being constantly employed in transacting the lausi-
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extreme; and death from exhaustion is the most frequent
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the experts up to conflict, enthused with the idea that truth