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given were relative only, that is, they represented the extinction coeffi-
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Cleveland J. M., 1898, iii. 121-123. . Rectification of
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expression of extended mortuary reports ; and is so far confirma-
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poison on the voluntary muscles ; and the retention
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cachexise. In the acute congestion due to temperature changes, to
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The victim of valvular heiirt disease, no matter how accus-
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(c) The determination and fixing of the qualifications and conditions necessary for regis-
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divided into six different series. The results varied
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irred. 1- it theoretically rational to wait until unfavour-
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eyes of children under their care within six hours,
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special significance. Hypertrophy of the connective tissue investing the
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TABLE 2: Liquid Drunk During Four Days of Stress In Percentage of Total Liquid Drunk
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Figure 8. Immediately after the development of pellagra, this man
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severe inflammations it has been found to rise as high as eight, nine, or ten parts
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were transferred from Dr. Lusk's wards in Bellevue to his
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ble productions, used in the Botanic practice, will be
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situated transversely, and measuring about 2J m. by IJ, A little lower
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facture. An instance of the fatal effects of cider so poisoned, is reported to
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of vaccination, using chiefly persuasive means, and only
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hair-follicles, especially those of the outer sides of the legs and
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leuralgia. An occasional cause peculiar to this species is caries of
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vague pains, discomfort, and weariness, are generally present.
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of the Johns Hopkins Hospital since its original isolation and when tested
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ear and nostril, with a contracted pupil, and increased tempera-
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one of Mr. Hume's tests, the amoniaco-sulphate of copper,
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while the lower portion remains solid for days. In a suspended drop
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urea daily — let us say for convenience that this excretion
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of methaniline, but the author's experience has not been confirmatory.
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the cultivation of chemistry, may be said to consist chiefly in
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Cutaneous Eruptions syniplomatic of Rheumatism and Gout. (An-
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in which there is a profound disturbance of nutrition, should
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But if the middle tunic be diseased, or the malady have extended under it,
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these cases, there is only too great reason to believe that they
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Essentials of the Princijjlcs and Practiee of Medicine. A