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which are the proliferation of the epithelial cells and of the

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After having twice convinced myself of the correctness of the

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'Tidman's Sek Salt,' without which none are genuine. Sole

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contrary, affords strong reasons to believe that he would suffer

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the famous Boydell gallery. Handsomely and durably bound in cloth, red tops,

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nine cases out of ten the animals are infected by ingestion. The

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lungs. In some cases the lungs are extensively involved.

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The form characterized by pleuritis and pericarditis with-

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where there are lung lesions, eat very little, or refuse food

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occurring to increase the action of the heart and arteries, a current

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practical matter contained in his former productions, so as to adapt it to

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lb. And there is one more consideration : namely, that Mr.

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the discomforts usually experienced during examination

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to one-half of an inch, being not less than one-eighth of an inch over

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the influence of atropia before administering the prussic acid,

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them. The following is a list of the fits he has had since : —

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previous to the employment of any of the ordinary anaesthetics.

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be given in the shape of enema ; but even here it would be a

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large part in their destruction. Another hypothesis is also sug-

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The acute and more chronic inflammator}' affections of the

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evidence is, in fact, directly favourable to this idea.

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continue to be, the objects of our Association. Whether we have, thus tar,

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disadvantage. It is a gross injury to the medical profession. It constant-

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lessened resistance to hurtful influences. When fruit hyphae

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The first biological researches into its nature were made

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T,, . 1- r r . from which they never recover. They either

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■or less prevalent in the middle and New England states.

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taken ill, when she was weaned and placed June 9th. Began vomiting large curds of

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Friedberger and Frohner have grouped the muscles which are

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Surely therapeutics is only in its infancy, when one solitary

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vomiting during pregnancy. It Is a remedy of great value

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need any other allusion in this connection. A pelvic abscess often

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the "gastro-enteric." Xow, it must be remembered that these

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by a membrane resulting from a reactive inflammation which

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remaining powder in a dry state, owing to its combustibility, es-

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of the several preparations of hemlock, and as the evidence

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it is significant that various authors, in dis- and borborygmi (rumbling of bowels caus-

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monia: as also does the chilling of the body Complications (of general anesthesia) may