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ing very like to the former juft now defcribedy but
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active precautions which had been taken were the means of saving his
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If we take an accurate view of the general circulation, we shall find,
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would deny its existence, unconsciously admit it to be a reality,
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severe appliance was relaxed ; but on so doing, he instantly sunk into
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and I am frequently in the habit of using both with this intention.
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quent ; not virulent, but, also, not very tractable,
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unabated, the only change being that it is less observable, as they wait
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Chas. W. Babcock, M.D., Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio.
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a state of undiminished febrile excitement, with persistent headache,
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admission he was attacked with rheumatism in all the large joints,
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You observed in this case, that the whole epidermis peeled off. But
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I believe, however, that the maximum of benefit would be attained
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j)opulation in these situations, and the little intercourse wliich takes
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A specimen of urine analyzed at the casualty clearing station showed large
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fever, to ride in public conveyances. One writer draws attention to
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sion, after a long ride. I had, however, been always in the habit of
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heart ; and in this instance age made no difference as to result, for the
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Morandi, born at Bologna in 1716, and Beheron, born at Paris in
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Association and was for several years head of the directorate of the
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isms in the deeper tissues of the skin In alopecia.
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Under these conditions the kindlings were laid, ready for tlie match to
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usual remedies employe^ with a view to arrest the further progress of
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day; sometimes it is protracted to the thirteenth or fourteenth, but
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cold ; that children are more readily poisoned than adults ; that the