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ing syringe, that the point of the needle is not in a vessel. It is

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stone is located in the lower pole of the kidney, how on

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Lieut. Colonel Foster, at least as far as a military hospital is concerned.

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of the country, where the weather was known to be equally

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9. "Peritonitis is brought about by infections inflam-

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1. Of all the causes of dyspepsia, excesses in eating and drinking are

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skin becomes clearly adherent to them. I have also seen very satisfactory

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vessels on the floor of the ventricles are engorged. The cerebrum appears

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granules grouped about the nuclei. Later these fat particles increase in number

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" 8enso>ry phenomena. — Sensation to touch, pain, tem-

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flour or cereal is purchased, the price of which is perhaps only one-

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of New Hampshire, Yermont, i^ew York, Pennsylvania; many of

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the foreign body through a large urethral speculum.

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A small branch, from the bifurcation of the aorta, passing down

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cell or mixed cell sarcoma produces death in a much shorter time

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amount of urine is usually, although not always, increased. Hence a

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It raises the blood-pressure in every stage of shock by acting upon

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Of all the galaxy of stars illuminating the past, none commands

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importance some of them merit much more detail than he has

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gulated ; and all can wear a truss with more comfort than

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fibers of the intestine and there was an undue absorp-

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treatment were very inefficient, it was the duty of the

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tions appear — so different from the smooth surface and slight

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rule. A change of climate is often beneficial to persons who are

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she lost considerable vitreous. I dressed the eye and waited eight days

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