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15 reasons to use Social Media Marketing

# 1 - Create a community around your business

A business with a happy load customers can create a page busy, popular Facebook or Twitter account, which in turn shows customers new people are satisfied with what you do and can be trust. His fans can become evangelists to shout from the rooftops about how great they are (assuming, of course, they are great ... better make sure you are!).

# 2 - Build a personal relationship with customers

Talking to a real person encourages and gives confidence to your business a down-to-earth personality. Showing that not only is an abstract corporate entity can be very important in building trust and transparency. Fun, entertain and engage your customers, know what they like or dislike, what I need from you and think of you, talk to like-minded individuals who enjoy their brand, show his personal thanks. Get involved.

# 3 - Use technology as an effective new service customers

Instead of being directed through a mind-numbing maze of automated answering services or having to wait for an email response or maintained on hold until their heads explode, customers can have almost instant access to a representative of business through the sites of social media Facebook and Twitter. His comments, or any other resolution of claims issues can be public if we they are, they show others how wonderful customers you are.

# 4 - A discussion forum

What everyone's favorite subject? ME. (Well, I, no, but you, or them ... oh you know what I mean ...) Engage and empower your customers and let them do their burning ears. A blog, a forum, Facebook wall, group or Twitter page can act as the perfect place for customers and clients to analyze the products, services and interest in their company. Participate in conversation and entertaining your audience can increase the popularity and make their customers feel involved.

# 5 - Inject a little fun in your business

If people like the content being sent, will be republished, re-tweet, link, share and spread the word more than imagine. Give them a good reason. Contests, interesting stories, observations, surveys, links and humor can all keep customers interested and committed and have to return regularly for more.

# 6 - Provide a network powerful word of mouth

Creation a unique and compelling content that users want to share with your friends is the key. People are much more likely to trust a recommendation from someone they know rather than blindly believing advertising marketing, however clever, can be. Get the content on as many platforms as possible increases the likelihood that it will to reach your target audience and beyond.

# 7 - Give your company a modern dynamic look

Social Media communication is here to stay, and is only going to further develop, so that could also climb aboard. We are in the 21 st century here, people! It is no longer purely a social network to share how bored at work or the last beautiful baby picture of a friend, is an essential platform for marketing and business today. You can get more visibility, increase, strengthen the reputation and prove that you can move with the times. Throw away the argyle socks and grab an iPad.

# 8 - point to a relevant audience and reach new demographics

We have ways of making them talk (to you) ... and tools to help you target people who are going to be really interested in your brand, which will then pass on your message to others, creating a chain that is passed along your information. With social media marketing, you can also reach new demographics that previously could not, or perhaps discover new groups of people I had not considered to be objective.

# 9 - Monitor your brand, reputation and its successes and weaknesses

Analytical tools can help solve what areas of work and need more help. There are many different types of media that can be approached his campaign in several different ways, with different media to target different customers. And with the opening of views and comments, it is easy to see if people are happy or not.

# 10 - Increase the visibility, increasing the SEO success

If you build it they will come ... The more places you can find your business online, the most re-tweets, information more shared, more content is related to be placed higher in search engines, giving it a reputation of confidence and ensuring more traffic on your site. Party time. Excellent.

# 11 - A place to showcase new products, promotions, announcements and business ideas

With the added benefit of immediate viewing comments and views of either their colleagues or their clients can get immediate results in new ideas and promotions. Why not take a vote, ask for suggestions from customers and get everyone involved? A bit of intelligence will also allow you to compare and discover a new perspective on the work of competitors.

# 12 - An, cheap simple marketing strategy that requires very little IT knowledge

If Grandma is Twitter, no excuse for you're not. Anyone can learn to use Social Media platforms, but that need careful planning to ensure success. This is the beauty of Social Media - which does not require a large amount of computer expertise to conquer, and you can use programs existing as YouTube, Flickr, Slideshare, etc to show their videos and photos, and simple software such as Tumblr or WordPress blog to create a professional looking site without having to invest in expensive and complicated software.

# 13 - A media that is used for "critical mass" of population

Wowsers. 400 million Facebook users worldwide! Apparently, 64% of Internet users in the UK have a profile on Social Media - Social networking is wildly popular, used by millions of people every day, often several times a day to keep in touch, keeping day and discovering new things that interest them. Those who are not connected to become so in the future, one way or another. Like e-mail has replaced the letter and even the phone call in recent times, social media will have priority in the coming years as the most common form of communication technique. Er, you probably want to enroll in the account below.

# 14 - A variety of platforms to choose according to business needs a

N regardless of the nature of your business, not a form of social media for you, whether dominated text, image or video led, or with an emphasis on community and communication. A combination of these could be an effective marketing strategy, and open your business to new forms advertising and more brand recognition.

# 15 - is going to rule the world!

Seriously. Have dominated the way the human race before to get flying cars and robot housekeepers. Even Itty Bitty local businesses have websites, Facebook profiles and leave a message up on his new batch of cakes. You Steven Fry can talk about his new haircut. You can get your phone to tell you how to get to Timbuktu in skateboarding and where is a good place for a coffee milk when you get there. It can be scary, can be overwhelming, but it is great, intelligent, and is here to stay. So on board!

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