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the Spleen. Jour. Royal Army Med. Corps, London, 1906, vii, 183; Ref. Lancet,
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Fleischner, F. Ein Fall von Morbus Basedowi, verschlectert durch Ront-
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entiate white from grey matter by the naked eye. The lung, spleen, and
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nioveinents of the chest are hindered and thereby a withdrawal
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the cases clinically called exophthalmic goitre, there could be demon-
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a question of the secretion of enzymes to meet conditions. After ingestion
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duction of the needle. Partial collapse may be productive of good
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The urine was free from bile. An operation revealed a contracted thick-
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or comatose malaria is produced that there is a time when the
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both by physical signs and a shadow picture, was shown to be the
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infrequently, however, in response to nocuous stimulation of the skin,
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In the case above related, the gall stone that passed per
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The secretion is mucoid, viscous, transparent, and slightly salty in taste.
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Br. and they cut my mother. I prayed and cried all the
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He selected for this treatment only those patients he considered capable of an
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usually falls off somewhat. In such alkaline solutions about 20 per cent,
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One of the Editors acknowledges the receipt from Dr Dewees of
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twenty strains agreed with those believed to be specific for scarlet fever,
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tice of making a routine examination of the posterior bases of
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a full account of his cases, which now amount to 40. His discussion also
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treatment. Far more instructive were the 30 ambulant cases ; in 23 of these
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paper, the truth is that all protein poisons lower the blood-pressure in
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Ninth Experiment. A pigeon's head was scalped, leaving the
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February of 1920, though sporadic cases continued to be observed in the
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In blood with its normal alkalinity the blood cells and the endothelial cells
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days after ligation of the thoracic duct is a noteworthy feature of
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I believe, indicate that i)ersistent high blood-pressure in such a
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strength of the reaction can be often graded to some extent by varying the
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cance of the freedom with which we are endowed that we can use
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The assertion of Zwaardemaker that the potassium in the body fluids
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Levy, K.. L. Restoration of the normal cardiac mechanism in auricular
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