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Skateboard Types You Should Know

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

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Types Of Skateboards

Skateboards, the little piece of wood and four wheels between the feet that a person is expected to balance on and do various tricks and trials. There are three different types of boards, street, ramp, and longboard. Street and ramp are nearly the same but the size of the wheels determines which type of board they fall under.

Longboards are often used as transportation or downhill racing, not tricks. The board ‘deck’ can be constructed by woods though most are made of plywood. The length of the deck runs between 7-ply boards and 9-ply. The latter tends to be less expensive than the former, though it is heavier and more difficult to ride. The cheapest decks are made up of plastic and though they are not heavy there needs to be some substantial weight to allow an easier way to balance.

A likely alternative to plywood is either fiberglass or carbon boards, they tend to last longer than wood. On average skate board measures 8 inches wide, new riders should consider a wider board for more foot room and allow for more stability. With the increases width, however, it is more difficult to perform tricks so it is not the choice board of professional or more adept skateboarders. If the skateboard is to be used as a mode of transportation the width will be helpful.

Choosing a Skateboard Deck

The shape of the decks depend on their usage, in most cases they are concave with raised edges on the front and sides. For more expert tricks the deeper the shallow will be. Though, the less deep the easier tricks are learned. It would prove useful to start with a shallow dip and eventually work up into a more dramatic dipped skateboard. Now, the wheels are typically constructed from hard plastic, the harder the wheel is the more difficult it will be to ride. A 90a hardness is an average hardness with skateboards and pros will often use 100a. Skateboard parks often have different types of ramps that will require a harder wheel, preferable 97a hardness. Smaller wheels are better to do tricks on but are harder to learn on so stick to the 90a initially until or unless going to skate parks.

The less detailed a skateboard is, the less expensive it is. Typically the bottoms of skateboard can be personalized to represent the rider’s style, but this runs the price up quite a bit. The second most important part of the skateboard is the truck. The length of the truck should be at maximum 10 inches with a width the fits the deck, roughly 7.5 trucks on a 7.5 deck with a design that fits the skater on the bottom. It should also be lightweight and grind well.

Skateboard Bearings

Each skateboard needs a specific type of wheel for the type of use it will receive, keep in mind that with a street deck long board wheels should be avoided; hard wheels that are small are preferable for street use and use the same brand in both the wheel and deck. It is considered unprofessional to have different brands of deck and wheels in use. Finally, bearings are the last thing to considered. They are rated in ABEC from 1-9 odd numbers. The higher grade the bearings that are more accurate and will last longer, spinning more accurately and fast resulting in a smooth, quiet sound. The best type of grade should be 5 or 7.


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