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Jimmy Carlin

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Jimmy Carlin
Jimmy Carlin
What skate team or woud have?

any professional skaters in the morning. For example, my team would be the one below what is ur 1.Corey Team Duffel 2. Chris Cole 3. Chris Haslam 4. Dustin Dollin 5. Don Nguyen 6. Kevin Long (Spanky) 7. Chad Muska 8. Jamie Thomas 9. Garrett Hill 10. Geoff Rowley 11. Adrian Lopez 12. Andrew Reynolds 13. Jim Greco 14. Ali Boulala 15. Eric Koston 16. Alex MIZUROV 17. Aymeric Nocus 18. Jimmy Carlin 19. Shaun White 20. Stefan Janoski 21. Eva Borja 22. Dylan Jones 23. Mike Mo 24. Ron Creager 25. Jeremy Wray 26. Tommy Sandoval 27. Windsor James 28. Daewon Song 29. Nyjah Huston 30. Erik Ellington does not end that's what my team would

No Sheckler, Duffy, PROD, or Way can Cole, Koston, White, Sheckler, Duffy, Way, Boulala, Reynolds, Muska, Huston, PROD, Jermey Rodgers, Colin McKay, basically all the guys Plan B and then some other

Jimmy Carlin: The Capital Tour Part

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