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Planning a Skatepark Campaign

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Upon having rallied the neighborhood skate community, recruited a few adults, say had a meeting or two, it’s about time to kick off a campaign to realize community support for a public skatepark. When attemping to advance from planning to fundraising and then development, it is rarely a good idea just to move forward with out a clear system, particularly working together with community members and city government.

For your campaign to build a skatepark to be successful in the shortest length of time you will have to make all non-skaters aware that you are the local authorities. Not just on the sport of skateboarding, but skatepark design and construction as well. Your group should present to others the requirement of a skatepark and convince them that they should support the park financially.  Don’t forget, most supporters will in the end have to part with some of their own hard-earned money to help to make things happen, so you’ll want to be persuading.

The more educated that your team is and the more you display this knowledge the much more likely community members will be to ask for your viewpoint in some unspecified time in the future. When it comes to making key decisions through the development of the skatepark you will have them talking to you first. You would like them to inquire about and value your knowledge and opinions.

Someday the availability of your input may be the difference between a flowing, smooth transition and some horribly kinked concrete nightmare. For them to even consider including you, all individuals interested in and associated with the project must have faith in your know-how, ability and willingness to work as part of a team. They should also find that you are available, reputable and dependable.

Not only will you have to convince all sorts of people that a skatepark is necessary and that they should support it emotionally and financially, but that an unconventional construction method is best. The method used for modern skatepark building is unusual. Most contractors do not know this technique. However, it is a method that may lead to the highest quality skatepark and, if done correctly, provides the perfect result required.

Plenty of people, local concrete contractors included, will never be easily convinced that such a strategy is needed, especially if they feel that their reputation may be on the line. Offer up specifics of style, building and the availability of skatepark professionals immediately. Remain calm and inform them of your information continuously.

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