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persons killed instantaneously by lightning in France
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E. S. BOGERT, Jr., surgeon. Detached from the Naval Re-
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and bacteriological technique are briefly considered.
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Muiiiford, J. O. Present problems; an address to the nurses of the Lake-
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{From the Laboratory of Physiology in the Harvard Medical School.)
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Allen, G. C, pharmacist. Granted extension of leave of
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Adeno-Myome des Uterus. Von Thomas S. Cullen. Illus-
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cases, 7th day ; 1 case, 8th day ; 1 case, 14lh day ;
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Medical Director Massachusetts State Asylum for Insane Criminals.
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excising the obstructing lobe, a solution of adrenalin
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terested in the British Medical Association, whether
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tions that I have especially observed are that : first,
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gastric juice, which in itself aggravates the ulcer;
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