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The number of cases increases after a heavy sickly, and in persons who neither at the
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in which it was used, hut its effects were very much less decided
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for a fortnight, a month, or even longer. Suppurative inflamma-
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the variations of the pulse to which he objects are unusual, but
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tors. Their natural distribution is so wide, and their virulence
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it has time to ferment, and to promote its assimilation. All
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the more recent experiments is greater because they have more
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same tincture, prepared by the same apothecary, from the same
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elasticity on relief from pain. It has a certain tonic and stimu-
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and in the morning the lady makes efforts to vomit, or vomits
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are produced by an effusion into the tissues of coagulable or plas-
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McDowell County Society — President, Dr. I. M. Taylor, Morganton.
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specific Urethritis, Cystitis, Bronchitis, and wherever the proper-
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which the local application of a dilute solution of the above salt
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fered with, and that a good firm union takes place between the
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the cause of periodicity, nor would I attempt an explanation of
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Her sputum had been tinged with blood, . . ^ . ' . , ^ ,
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Quite lately, many months after the operation, he had again seen
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thick, yellowish and more or less sticky, purulent substance.
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swine plague, Thus the swine-plague bacterium is destroyed
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the ulcerated follicles mix with the retained tears and add to
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Constipation, loaded colon, or intestinal of patients are produced anatomically, not
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sion of fowl diphtheria to the human species and vice versa, is
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attachment. We know but few men upon whom such a manifestation of
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bone fertilizers, hides, hair or wool from infected countries.
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her upon a course of pills of hyd. fer. cyan, ferri.
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College of Physicians and Surgeons and in Marion Sims College of Medicine, St. Lo^iis, Vice-President
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surra contaminated water. Gunn states that the average dura-
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Chairman: The report of the Secretary gentlemen, I am a little bashful, but, as it
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tion of reaping laurels at the expense of undue risk to the patient.-
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thors and reading the same at the bed-side — soon discovered by
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for the physical exercise necessary to maintain tho normal
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well advanced that its cumulative effects can be noticed.
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dissolution of this membrane. It stains readily with the ani^
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and with the same invariably good results. Injections thrown
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two cutting blades that could be made to protrude to the desired
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whole, although composed of elements not absolutely specific."
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furnished fertile sources sufficient in itself for its production and
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tions of the large intestine, consequent fermentations and the