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Treating Southeast Asian Patients (Correspondence), Stuart Gilman,

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in the thorax from the protocol of the inspection : " The trachea

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comparatively young women, can by this simple operation of

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respiration is failing, artificial respiration should

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gery, Rush Medical College, Chicago, on Thursday even-

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found in urine and classed ordinarily as an excrementi-

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alluded, is contained in the Revue de Medecine, Bordeau^**^'^ Unfor-

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almost completely occluded the lumen of the vessel.

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Colchicum. — One grain of Colchicine, the active principle, is

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of a critical day. Besides, the good effects were apparent the day after

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enter into a full discussion of all these diseases, many of which present

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1872. Dullness on percussion, with tubular breathing, bronchophony and mucous rales, it

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time •, the ficknefs continues. I ordered her to take her medi-

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the pelvic fascia. When the finger reaches this point,

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pute ? The very fact of there being so many independent, even

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many to such a degree that this protean food has erro-