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the secretary of the board of examiners as follows : Post
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cation he gives the following account of twoinstances
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dent, Dr. Reeves B. Howland, of Elmira : first vice-presi-
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to this bacteriological control, but this year it is applied
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was eliminated bv aborting the action of the bacilli
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don, and Andrew Charles, F. R. C. S., Dublin. London :
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feet long and 45 feet deep. The structure consists of four
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eral make up. points which a careful anamnesis will
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September 2, igog. Injected with 125,000,000 of the
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and that the reflex in question may be elicited with
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better stand by themselves, for, viewed psychologi-
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tatives from St. Luke's. Roosevelt, New York, City, Post-
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the tercentenary celebration of the birthday of one
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very recently appeared in English, published by the
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incision was extended in tlie median line to the fundus
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animal existence : and from the purest blood, only ;
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investigation must be continued until it is definitely
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far as the elbow showed involvement of the process. Eve-
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ulcerated, because ozone cannot penetrate epitheli-
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ally increased in strength to i in 2,000. After four
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Deccmbe: 31. loio.] KXOl'T: MAGIC AND MEDICINE. 1331
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thoughts of self. I fear to look at myself in the glass,
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is then compressed to 1,000 lbs. to each square inch,
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cotton swab of any size desired, wet with the liquid
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the tumor revealed in general the structure of mixed
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the "Jukes'" — if a "plus x" was placed in the en-
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may help us in our deductions are we going to reich
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The etymology of the word halsain tells, by itself,
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bureau, or service is to be organized ; i. e.. either for a con-
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treating him ; and I gave him all the attention and time
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Second : — To avoid unnecessary loss of pay (for him).
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headaches present for some months disappeared entirely.
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who note the very meagre attempts at isolation, and
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tion it is interesting to note that the blood of the
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hood, 154 West I2i»t street. New York, will be for rent June i;
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seventh annual banquet at the Yale Club on Saturday even-
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the individual experience of the surgeon, or that re-
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Heard. — In North East, Pennsylvania, on Thursday, No-
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of importance elicited w-as that he had contracted syphilis