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One authority * says of this drug, however, that "its

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preface tells us that, ''the chapter on anaesthetics has been

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grudging mode of paying his very moderate account, and the

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" The generalization of the linear method has rendered very rare the imme-

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he served in the Confederate army under General Price. — N, Y,

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it in its best and most acceptable form and of the choicest quality, which we are

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or is not very much taught in the schools. I do not know how it is to-day,

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bows turned out, or he stands obstinately like the horse. In any

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used by the uncivilized tribes of France and Germany in the same way.

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Lead poisoning may occur when a comparatively small surface of

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the skull and the spinal canal (vide Chap. V.). It is chiefly with refer-

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surgically clean, just as we would treat a superficial inflammation, and

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Surgeons, and moreover, who, after being expelled, had openly

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head. The blush may, especially in nervous subjects, and in women

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each claiming to be the rightful Baltimore Medical Col-

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parts ; carbolic acid one part. The wound was covered with

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ferred by many anatomists, divides each cerebral hemisphere into

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pus microbes as agents in the causation of acute rheumatism—

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granulated lids, a trouble very common in those days.

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