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position. To prevent this the patient must for a few

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iodine of potassium with muriate of ammonia as the most appro-

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dulated with lemon juice, were allowed ; and in the advanced stages of

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reported in abstract in this journal and the observations of

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them all himself, but he had thouglit that the subject ought to be

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or chorea. From these data, and other inquiries made concerning

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by any noxious elements in the blood, aud also they

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ures were resorted to, but proving ineffectual, an abdominal

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in a day or two by the development of the most remarkable

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and a sensaHon of thorough repugnance to all food, or as if one had eatA

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an exostosis, but it was not painful, and I could get no

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External Uses— Mercury ; Chlorides — Methylene-

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6. When a movable kidney gives rise to no inconvenience,

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position of resident physician for a term of two years at the Penn-

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so that before she left our care, she could again use her muscles

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miseries attendant on unrelieved clubfoot, which in

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and its medical officers as its servants. The man who

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children, and on the other the reports of governmental

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been recently suggested as an alternative or adjunct to

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U'lieve it to be, it is a most far-reaching discovery, though in the

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The valuable observations of Mr Lister, and the recorded expe-

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fected side is greater than that of the healthy side. (4)

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NB. In the' figure, brachialis internus = bracli. auticus; anconeus

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would be expected from the position of the tumor, pressing as it did

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infected, puerperal patients are not treated until at a period remote

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prevent any bad effects from the fruit. On the contrary, they are the

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to the operator at the controlling table whether the child was

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pital, accompanied by a physician from the country,

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symptoms are the result of this toxic condition^ and are not in themselves

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Hospital, and which he kindly permits me to refer to

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At the level of the basal layer there are observed some

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frequent oflenders. It seems that tho editors of the "Times"

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Treatment, with an Appendix relating to the Brooklyn Citi/ Sewer-

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well-defined crystals of haematoidin. The lining membrane presented an obscurely

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dilatation and hypertrophy; the sigmoid alone should not be