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in which persons admitted are required to take off their

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Leeds, Gateshead, and Newcastle-upon-Tyne; scarlet fever in Cardiff,

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special commissioners to hold local inquiries in these cases.

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were^not so labelled before the Committee look action.

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and proprietor of the Xew York Mail and Express, on March

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medical education, and thereby to secure a more competent

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legislation, but by the individual members of the profession

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between large centres of population. The industry is entirely

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ventilate and light the room extends only 3 feet above the

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tigator. (J) Dr. J. Johnston, Bolton; Dr. E. L. Jones, Cambridge.

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making satisfactory progress when the Commissioners of the

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for the 2ud Battersea District of the Wandsworth and Claphara

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case particularly : " the organs were healthy, the heart some-

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•over a year she had suffered from pains, which always

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quences of the Bacillary Theory of Consumption." He com-

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that argument were to any extent based on truth, I admit

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s I have fully explained, at pages ls-24 of my book on Inilammaitons of

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of alcohol in pneumonia ; but for cardiac asthenia they, or

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answered by the prosecution ot vivisection experiments, but

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medical are practically the only departmental officers whose

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peated three times, with the same results. Mr. Hehner, a past president

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persons permitted to take private practice. It was intended

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which was as marked in children as in the adult, and which

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tn the North Riding Infirmary, Middlesbrough, vice William Ketchen,

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in the Ebers Papyrus, at page 103 of the Papyrus, or page 135

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Sib, — In your comments on the paper on the above subject,

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ptoms scemeil to point more to ulcerative endocarditis than to anything

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this committee will be held on Tuesday morning, but we

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