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tend to kill chiefly by producing cardiac fibrillation.

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investigation that the second hypothesis is the more

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5. J D. Bryant, M. D., in Neiv York Medical Journal,

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slightest provocation, while in other instances seri-

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refer to that of Kelly in the Philadclpliia Medical

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and the resistance in the nostril. By this means the

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very difficult and at times impossible to trace defi-

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prostitute has been treated as a vicious and danger-

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heat exhaustion. After his body heat returned somewhat,

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clusive of stillbirths, numbered 565, corresponding to an

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Avas employed for the purpose of- -or in the hope of

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Three complete water analyses of the. spring and lake

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the relative advantages of these two operations, but

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respectability. But one day, my star of ill luck be-

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cently after a few days' illness with pneumonia. He was

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plied over the heart and neck can be of assistance.

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tion under local anaesthesia, even with the most di-

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that it was necessary to investigate the true causes

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far as space permits, we review those in which we think

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nerve' terminals. It is impossible to insert the needle

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Spr.\tt, R. D., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Granted one

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the secretion directly in a mechanical way — for ex-

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July 28th : Patient spent considerable time on his knees

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genital debihty and malformations. There were 14 deaths

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general treatment of the subject, by Green, clearly

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ile is not forced, for we see no moral difiference be-

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J. Albarran, Paris, A. Bier, Berlin, H. Fenwick, London, A.

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theria, and more recently those obtained by the use

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ceived from the surgeon is placed on the brass disc

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amination. Men only will be admitted to this examination.

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12. Note at the first visit all the bedding used by

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growth. In the fourth ventricle there weVe evidently me-

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work. The cost to the city, including salaries, equipment

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