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ciated limbs, confirmed at once the idea that the child was
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of rays, either convergent or divergent, as may con-
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in ordinary use is, that the gas penetrates into the sac more uniformly
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Wednesday... St. Mary's, 1 p.m. — Midrllesex, 1 p.m.— University
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' cannot fail to have a very beneficial effect both on
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notorious author of the Fable of the Bees, in his Dialogues on
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not be excited ; the intestinal contents were passed
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solidification of the lungs, the vessels of the brain were
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iiciis, aniseed, dittany seeds, and common marjoram.
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was therefore directed to" have leeches applied freely upon the
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called for by the gravest social and domestic consi-
where. Thick opaque capsule only remained. This Mr.
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as possible, to be drawn from well established facts.
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tines. The attenuated state of tlie abdominal parietes,
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the night. ... I had gi-eat reason to thank you for
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living on the road to Ballincollig, about two miles and a
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ligature. I have tried it successfully for some years in vesico-
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presence of concuia-ent cardiac disease, and the pro-
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The case is quite different when matter from a soft
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from the capillaries, ai-e signs of greater danger stifl.
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geese ! ' Little thought he of the harvest that lay at
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leg; sometime afterwards more intensely in the calf ; then in the
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W. E. Dawes, and Messrs. H. Christy, J. Cockle, A. :
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tion ; tongue clean and red ; not much thirst ; she had
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under Mr. De Morgan's care, had been healed by j o>" syphilitic diseases of the skin following
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travels. The sanction of authority is consequently more in
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reading he advised — " Eead Don Quixote, sir" — has
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in 1858, but, taking nearly a year in travelling, tjie
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taken from the posterior and inferior part of the penis. The
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to di-aw the attention of the Select Vestry to this.
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step as that — the withdi-awal of the medical officers
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his years, and weather-worn, he was full of vigour and
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had done its duty in endeavouring to render practi-
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keep in mind their double functions ; that those most
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