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The procedure which gives best results in the experimental

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ritic or pulmonary inflammation on the one hand, or on extreme

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found ulcers occasionally in the newborn, and, according to Osier, they

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Strong tannin-solution, applied to the ulcerated skin of ingrowing

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Causes. — To this form of nephritis youths are more liable than the

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self with a rapid survey of the work of the last congress, its

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of the Socicle ik Biologic, a report of which we find in the same .jour-

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in the tonicity of the nerve centres, as well as in the amount

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We are, consequently, justified in regarding the operation as a siu*-

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inclined to accept the view of Dr. Taylor, namely, that

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alkaline. We can do that with ammonium preparations or with

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applicant, by now requiring _^i>c. According to the new constitution,

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and such care in diet will doubtless contribute much

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appeared. The skin is generally hot and dry. Gangrene of the vulva

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Another constant source of trouble is the mistakes made

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and contrary to all expectation), nor did any other of the abdominal viscera

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employment of the drastic cathartics, although they can seldom be

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inconstancy of eruption of cow-pocks, not only with regard to

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dical officers in their position. Several surgeons have

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more abundant, and the albumin gradually and completely disap-

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too slow. For the past two years he had made use of

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presence of the oldest and most honorable among the judges whether he

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rise to that septic condition of the blood which results fatally in a large num-

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association of chorea and hysteria may take place in various ways. Some-

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the disease be established in middle life, structural changes ensue

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chief divisions are made to comprise all the varieties, as follows : the anterior

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cases the site of the tick bite may become necrotic.

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paign is aimed at the eradication of what would otherwise be a per-

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On the Examination of Patients by Means of Ultra-violet

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Scofield, W. K., Medical Inspector. Ordered to spe-

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118. HsBmostatic Properties of Alnns Incana. Dr. Thomas R. Dupnis . . . 138

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** erratic erysipelas," and but little difference will be perceived in their cha-

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of the Fihrist, " were the first translations made in

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which has been taken almost word for word from the text-book of

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sented in this case no difficulty whatever ; the attack presented not

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and the pulse steadied, becoming fuller and slower. The tempera-

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At 3, they have a lesson in music, needle-work or drawing. From 1-8

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tlie one hand, and the invigorating effects of free exposure to air on the