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which would otherwise irritate and inflame the eye; 5th, the eye-
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Purgatives have been much used, and much recommended in
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been born alive, and had lived certainly not less than three days, and probab y
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manure, or the stables in which they are housed, predispose to the disease.
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darkened room. A two per cent, solution of cocaine was
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it is partaken of. Great care must be exercised that the water or food
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and Surgeons of Chicago ; Professor of Clinical Gyne-
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There is no doubt the bandage acting as a compressor of
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It appears to us, therefore, that the time has come for giving
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affected by an equally light manifestation of the disease.
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the system by the lungs, render the disease contagious only
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patients. Drinking large quantities of water has just the opposite
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in use for the detection and estimation of urine-sugar, or to-
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to test the influence of antiseptics upon the vitality of bacteria, found not
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thigh of the affected side. In the other instances, the disease, after
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several weeks, and at any rate during that time to avoid making any strong ef-
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accounts largely for the comparatively rare occurrence of the disease.
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at once made the diagnosis clear. I inserted my finger into the tumour
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teen correspondents, while twelve others agree that there was
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zone of action of the chlorid of lime solution. This ring will become
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a thousand doors from No. 9 West Fifteenth Street, there
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be resorted to, but that I questioned if the whipping-
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zum § 51 des Strafgesetzbucbes. Aerztl. Saebverst.-Ztg.,
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BYLAWS — Resolution Nos. 10, 13 and 14, introduced by the
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there is a wide difference of uniformity in this country l^twem
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It is generally supposed that biting Aarc^ substances tends to harden
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Die Pathologie der weiblichen Sexual-Organe in Lichtdruck-
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& Pearce ( F. S.) Specimens from a case of typhoid
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axis of the uterus, and the transverse presentation is thus finally converted into
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have been extensive of recent years, but in none of them is
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tis— Vagina: Vulva; Parasitic Vulvitis — Vulva,
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soaked in glycerine-iodoform emulsion, which should be changed every
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