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these same blood-vessels and cells. "J AH that is contended*
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that act on the kidneys; from carrying too great weight on the
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bring the foot to the ground, by means of a rotation of the pelvis
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cases, as there is between the old way of reducing hip-
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The nerves of the spleen are derived from the solar plexus.
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lesion is discovered by the osteopathic examination, which
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mentation many of the most important infectious maladies which a!mict
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due to a progressive and upward sclerosis, involving
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the labium pudendi becomes greatly swelled and distended ; but,
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number of deaths are, however, recorded every year of patients
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anaemic blood are briefly as follows : — (1.) The red corpuscles
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lithotomy position. The tube and shield are supported in an
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110, and in three days was 80, and remained about this until
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Bryce — At Homewood, Bracondale, on 2l8t February,
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respect like a lumbar abscess growing from the spine. The patient had
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ever they did, they could never make up for the agony
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treatment, and had come to conclusions identical with those of
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they are the result of much experience and of very many
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Ill rasos frt'i' from iiuiciis and pus and perfectly free
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applied too late, the mortality is often 30, 40, or even 50 per cent. After
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the rennet, it might be expected that the normal horse serum would behave
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of forty the testicles descended into the scrotum, a
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The eyes of the patients were all perfectly healthy in
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detachable membrane. Follicular tonsillitis was present in 26.5% of
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suppuration, it was found impossible to unite the tendons. A radiograph (Plate XV).
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lithotomy position. The tube and shield are supported in an
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All agree that it is a most valuable medicine in diarrhoea,
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tions with which gastric hemorrhage is usually associated are wanting.
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den Typbusbacillen. Deutsche med. Wchnschr., Leipz. ii.
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pain when touched. These cases had been under treat-
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consequent upon excess at the table ; and in children is frequently
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tion of the face produced l)y the liquor, as to dys})ep-
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pend the cells. The suspension was now warmed to 38°C. in the water bath, in-
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thank you for holding up to opprobrium such sentiments
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abscesses and cutaneous pustular eruptions, persistent swelling
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tion and description came the conception that nothing
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abdomen noted. A fatal dose of strychnin nitrate killed the animal by gradually
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sutures, and invariably bring on the suppurative action.
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paralysis, lateral and other spinal deformities, club-foot,
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graduated at the first commencement of Harvard College
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analogous to Koch's tuberculin. The numerous experiments
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cheese, ij.i per cent; cream cheese, 35.9 per ceat.
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difierent parts of our great Eastern Empire. I had occasion formerly to refer
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posits elsewhere in the body — were, to say the least, very rare,
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ence upon the nervous system also the muscular system is weakened,
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