build skateboard bowl

build skateboard bowl
The construction of a bowl of skateboarding?

This project will not be a high budgetesd! My plan is to dig a hole wide and deep in my back yard with nails and some wood (probably layers) to cover the earth in the hole. I want to know if you thnk it is argued, is a good idea, and how much it will cost. Be it sounds silly and "ghetto" But I do not want a serious bowl. Please give me any information you can about this. thanks

On the surface, This sounds crazy, but it might work. You could shape the earth into the hole to form the first glass (pack really well). Obviously not want to pound timber directly into the ground (unless you live somewhere where land is super duper packed, like clay or something). I suggest the creation of pieces of support (basically thicker wood rings) from time to time so that you end up with wooden rings from the bottom of the bowl (horizontally striped) go to the top of the cup. Then the nail thin, flexible plywood to the supports and you should have a self-supporting wooden bowl found in the pit with earth. You may want to use something a little more substantial for survival, like a piece of PVC cut in half, so that you are not the plywood with shavings of each post or grinding. Good luck! Post some pics when you're done!

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