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Stingray Timmins

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Scott “Stingray” Timmins


Portrayed by

Ben Nicholas



First appearance

March 11, 2004

Episode 4434

Last appearance

March 22, 2007

Episode 5174

March 23, 2007

Episode 5175 (video message)


Fatal aneurysm




Scotty (by family members)

Stinger (by Boyd and Sky)





Kim Timmins (father)

Janelle Timmins (mother)

Allan Steiger (step-father)


Dwayne Timmins (brother)

Brandon Timmins (brother)

Dylan Timmins (brother)

Janae Timmins (sister)

Anne Baxter (sister)

Bree Timmins (adoptive sister)

Pepper Steiger (step-sister)


Serena Bishop (2004-2005)

Shazza Cox (2005)

Rachel Kinski (2006)

Sky Mangel (2006-2007)


Loris Timmins (grandmother)

Aunts and uncles

Angie Rebecchi (aunt)

Kevin Rebecchi (uncle)

Nieces and nephews

Kerry Mangel

First cousins

Toadie Rebecchi

Stonefish Rebecchi

Shane Rebecchi

Scott John “Stingray” Timmins was a fictional character on the popular Australian soap opera Neighbours, portrayed by Ben Nicholas. He first appeared in 2004 and died on March 22, 2007, however he was still seen on March 23, 2007 via video tape.

Many of Stingray’s catch-phrases have worked their way into Neighbours fans’ vocabularies. These include “spigging”, “hufter” and “cake-taker”, phrases which were coined by Nicholas himself.

Character’s background

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Scott first appeared in Neighbours when his cousin and long-running character Toadie, saw him streaking on televised football game. Amidst the chaos that ensued, the hyperactive Scott was arrested. Trainee police officer  and Toadie’s housemate – Stu Parker was called upon to guard him. Scott made sure to test Stu patience to breaking point, nearly losing him his job. Scott’s maternal uncle, and Toadie’s father, “Big Kev” instructed Toadie to act as his guardian until his trial for streaking was passed, and Scott was allowed to stay at Number 30, much to the annoyance of No. 30 residents Toadie, Connor O’Neil and, in particular, Stu.

Scott terrorised Ramsay Street in his first few weeks. He refused to eat anything but fish fingers. He also stole Sindi Watts’ video camera, Boyd Hoyland’s skateboard and Stu’s wallet  though this latter act was simply to get Stu to chase him around the street and ended with Scott running face-first into a lamp post. He also quickly became infatuated with Serena Bishop though she had no romantic interest in hims, enjoying his hyperactive antics purely as a friend.

When Max Hoyland accidentally ran Scott down after he leapt out as he was reversing, Dr Karl Kennedy suggested Scott was displaying symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and so referred him for further tests. In the meantime, Karl’s wife Susan took him under her wing and began tutoring him. She encouraged him to cut down on junk food like fish fingers and eat vegetables instead and soon became a strong mother figure for Scott. During his court case, it emerged that Scott had been convicted twice before already, and was on his final chance. Toadie therefore revealed the possibility that Scott had ADHD and agreed to be his legal guardian, as well as enrolling him at Erinsborough High.

Meanwhile, Scott continued with his efforts to impress Serena through a series of endurance tests and stunts until she eventually agreed to a date. During this period he also begin to attract the disapproval of Serena’s father David Bishop, but befriended Toadie’s girlfriend Sindi Watts. For their first date Scott arranged a picnic in the park which went well until Stu and Jack Scully interrupted. Serena sudden change in mood convinced Scott that she was too embarrassed to be seen with him, and this incident went on to mar his first day at the school where his over-eagerness and clumsiness made it difficult for him to fit in.

When Toadie disappeared Scott took it badly, tearing up his school books and lashing out at those around him, unwilling to believe that his cousin would abandon him. He proposed to leave Ramsay Street in search of Toadie, who had actually been kidnapped by mobster Rocco Cammeniti, and when Serena tried to stop him, he accidentally hit her whilst trying to push her away. This upset both Serena and her parents and only served to intensify David’s hostility towards him. Without his legal guardian Scott was taken in by Susan Kennedy. A series of fake emails from Rocco’s henchman made Scott believe that Toadie was safe, and simply needed some time away. Living with Susan  who had previously taken Toadie into her home as a youth  seemed to be the stable environment Scott needed. During this period he rekindled his relationship with Serena  despite a series of disastrous dates  and won over her mother Lil and, to a lesser extent, David by washing their windows while wearing a tuxedo. He also helped Serena grandfather, Harold Bishop, with his allotment.

Scott was delighted when Stuart and Sindi found Toadie at a small country hospital, where he was in a coma. A few days later, he woke up with no lasting effects.

When Scott’s friend Sky Mangel decided to apply for an arts grant from the council, Serena persuaded him to apply also and sent off an application on his behalf. He was shocked when he was granted an interview and although he decided to take it seriously, his lack of confidence in the situation caused him to mess up and he threw the interview panel out of the house.

When Scott accused Toadie that the Rebecchi’s did not respect the Timmins’ and that he didn’t feel like he even belonged in the family, Toadie agreed to give him a “fish name” – a Rebecchi family tradition (Toadfish Rebecchi, Stonefish Rebecchi, Tadpole Reeves) – and from this point Scott was almost universally known as Stingray.

Meanwhile, Sky then won the arts grant, she put up a display of boxes at Lassiter’s, but nobody seemed to understand the significance of this. However, when the words “BYO Meaning” mysteriously appeared on the boxes overnight, people began to understand the relevance of the art and Sky was praised for her art taking the credit, despite not have created the “slogan”. In reality “BYO Meaning” was the work of Stingray, and, although Sky was aware of this, she did not give him any of the credit when Libby Kennedy interviewed her for the newspaper. In the end, Sky couldn’t continue lying and Libby announced that she would have to print a story in the paper about Sky taking credit for her friend’s work, until Stingray stopped her. He said that he didn’t want to take the matter any further, impressing Sky and saving her from any further embarrassment and strengthening their friendship.

Stingray gatecrashed a gathering of Serena’s old private school friends turned up and impressed her friends by acting the clown. However, Serena was embarrassed and dumped Stingray, who accused her of snobbery. Realising her error, Serena dressed as a bogan to win him back, with great success.

As the tension between Stingray and David Bishop continued, Stingray took to mooning David on a regular basis. The mystery mooner perplexed David, and Serena, who know the culprit, was highly amused until David mentioned that whoever had been mooning him had a tattoo on the rear beginning with an “S”. She and Sky convinced Sky’s boyfriend Boyd to find out what the tattoo said in the male changing rooms, but Stingray caught him looking much to Boyd’s embarrassment. In the end, Sky pulled Stingray’s pants down in the school corridor to reveal a tattoo reading “Shazza”. Serena demanded to know who Shazza was, but Stingray wouldn tell her so, once again, they split up. Determined to win her back, Stingray convinced Boyd to use a pen to draw a new tattoo, saying “Serena”, on the other cheek. However, Serena saw through the scheme and the ensuing argument led to David recognising the rear responsible for flashing him. Stingray was forced to apologise to David, but still refused to reveal the true identity of “Shazza” in order to save his relationship. After several days of pressing him for the truth, Serena was surprised when she found out that Shazza was nothing more than Stingray’s pet guinea pig from childhood.

After a quite period, Stingray decided to look after Connor O’Neil’s baby daughter, Maddie by taking her to the local skate park. However, Stingray turned his back for a minute and she was gone. This caused Stingray to incur the wrath of several Ramsey Street residents, not least Connor, even once Maddie had been found safe. Shamed by his actions he stole David car. When he was eventually found, he finally self-destructed, scaring his friends, especially Serena.

As a result Stingray decided to start taking the medication to control his suspected ADHD. The medication quickly had an effect on Stingray personality, as he grew more and more subdued, boring and lazy and his friends began to miss his old personality. This once again brought about the end of his relationship with Serena, while Sky tried to help her friend by arranging for him to appear on a stunt show on channel 44. When Stingray could barely even skate, let alone perform any stunts, he began to realise himself that he changed too much. He agreed to return to Susan’s regime of healthy eating and was soon back to normal. Unfortunately, Serena wasn prepared to take him back after everything that had happened, and Stingray was surprised to find her in the Coffee Shop with Luka Dokich, so much so that he attacked Luka, leaping on his back.

Without Serena, Stingray began to spend more time with Boyd, who had become involved in a feud with a local bully in some poster wars. Stingray proved the more sensible of the two as he encouraged Boyd to drop it before someone got really hurt. As Boyd’s behaviour became more drastic, Stingray was forced to tell Boyd’s father Max and it proved to be just in time, as Boyd’s life was saved by getting the police involved. He also offered a sensitive ear to Serena when it emerged that Luka was in fact her brother.

Stingray’s life changed suddenly when his mum, Janelle, arrived in Erinsborough and encouraged Stingray to return to his old ways of junk food and spending time watching television instead of studying. Janelle informed Stingray that his dad, Kim, had run out on the family once more, and she needed him to come home to Colac and help her look after his two sisters, Janae and Bree. That the visit had quickly put Janelle at loggerheads with Susan and Sindi  who were concerned for Stingray’s welfare  only made matters worse. He agreed to go home once he completed his year 11 exams. Although he ended up doing well in his exams, the plans to return to Colac continued and Stingray said a sad farewell to his friends. However, as they left town, he found a note from Serena, which Janelle had forgotten to give him and he decided that he wanted to be back amongst the people who respected him and had high expectations for him. Janelle relented, realising that one of her children might actually make a success of their life, and took him back to Erinsborough.

With Christmas approaching, Stingray decided to put into action a plan to win back Serena. He sent her a gift containing a Freddo frog and a note saying “My frog wants to talk to your frog”  the words he used to first ask her out. Serena was touched, but before she could respond, a new girl appeared and stole Stingray heart. Shazza Cox seemed to be the perfect match for Stingray, as she hailed from Colac and shared all of his interests. When she announced that her parents would be going away, Stingray prepared to sleep with her, after receiving some advice from Boyd. Serena tried to talk him out of it, but he went ahead anyway, but was left ultimately disappointed. The next day, Shazza dumped him, announcing that she only been using him to make her boyfriend jealous.

Stingray soon got back together with Serena and everything seemed to be back on track. However, one day, upon returning home, Susan cheerfully informed Stingray that his older brother Dylan has arrived for a visit  rather than pleased, Stingray surprised Susan by immediately punching his brother. Dylan  fresh out of juvenile detention  had bullied his younger brother, but Susan encouraged Stingray to give his brother a second chance, as so many people had done for him. Dylan also moved in with Susan, but caused further problems when he admitted to his brother that he had scammed Susan into letting him stay. Things only got worse when Dylan encouraged Stingray and Serena to wag school one morning and go swimming instead. Dylan lied to Susan, claiming that they had been looking after an injured dog, but Stingray couldn cope with deceiving his friend and quickly owned up. Fortunately, Dylan soon began to share his brother respect for Susan and tried to pull himself back into line.

Before long Janelle also returned, and Stingray became worried about the way she treated him  her “favourite son” – in relation to the more wayward Dylan and made attempts to reconcile the pair. When Janelle suggested that the boys move into Lyn Scully’s house  number 26 – with her, Stingray decided to stay with Susan in the hope that some time together might give Dylan a chance to win back his Mother’s affection. Unfortunately though, Dylan could not tolerate Janelle’s constant disapproval and he returned to number 28, just as she realised what a poor mother she was being.

Amidst this Stingray turned to Serena for respite and the pair decided that the time had come for them to sleep together. Several attempts failed due to a lack of privacy, until they eventually got to spend an afternoon together at number 24. As they lay in bed together, the moment was rudely interrupted by David, who promptly threw Stingray out of the house, breaking his arm in the process. While Dylan sought revenge against David, Stingray’s Janelle announced that she wanted her family to be together under one roof and before long, his sisters, Janae and Bree, arrived. Though Dwayne, Brandon and Kim were still not present, this constituted a relatively complete Timmins family on Ramsey Street. The family moved in with Lyn Scully  who Janelle has quickly befriended upon arrival, and who was overjoyed to have her home filled once more after the departure of her own children.

Boyd, ill and delusional as a result of a brain tumour, admitted to Sky that he had had a brief, but secret, relationship with Serena a few months earlier. When Janae overheard Serena and Sky arguing about it, she was quick to report back to her brother, who was extremely upset. When he confronted Serena, he told her that he did not want them to break up over this and they managed to resolve their differences.

However, as time went on, Stingray struggled with this knowledge and grew increasingly resentful of Boyd. When Sky and Boyd then split up over the incident, Stingray grew worried that Serena’s interest in Boyd would return, so he decided to end the relationship rather than wait for her to do it.

It was not long before Stingray had to deal with Janelle getting herself into serious debt with a new credit card which had been recommended to her by Lou Carpenter. Though Bree managed to raise the money at a spelling bee, Janelle decided that Stingray and Dylan should get jobs to help pay off the debt. Stingray found himself work at Go Go Boys courier company. However, he had problems from the beginning when he was embarrassed by his tight, pink outfit, but his employer, Go-Go Riley, told him that he could easily be replaced if he did not like the outfit, so he decided to give it a go. As time went on, Stingray began to realise that Go-Go’s flirting with him was getting out-of-hand, verging on sexual harassment. When he confronted her, she laughed in his face, exercising her power as boss over him. Uncomfortable with the situation, Stingray sought advice from Susan and Toadie, and told Go-Go that if her harassment did not stop, he would sue her. From that point on, Stingray received no shifts at all and furiously confronted Go-Go, who fired him on the spot. With Janelle looking for a second job to help pay off the credit card debts, Stingray suggested that they start up their own courier company and put Go-Go out of business. The plan worked, as Speed Freaks – which utilised all the Timmins as employees  poached many of Go-Go Boys’ clients. When Go-Go complained, Janelle decided to settle with a bike race, with the loser closing down their business. Janelle narrowly beat Go-Go, as she was unable to use the brakes and burst past her at the finish line, and so Go Go Boys was closed down.

Just as Stingray was settling into life with his family once more, completing year 12 and his final exams, his life was turned upside-down. An old friend of Dylan’s, Roo Hausman, escaped from prison. He realised that he had only been in there because Dylan had dobbed him in  on advice from his new mentor Paul Robinson – and kidnapped Stingray with his accomplice, Terry White. They then lured Dylan to the car and forced him to rob a service station, or else threatened to harm Stingray. Although it looked like the brothers were going to escape with their secret intact, Roo played one final card and anonymously tipped off the police about the location of the gun. Soon, fingerprints left Dylan as the only suspect and the police arrived at number 26 to arrest him. However, Stingray was home alone, and Dylan had already left for a joy flight to Tasmania, as part of Lassiters hotel’s 20th anniversary celebrations. Stingray was taken in for questioning and he explained exactly what had happened, once more getting Toadie to represent him. Although the police, and Janelle, failed to be convinced by the story, everything changed when word came through that the plane had crashed in Bass Strait. Dylan, Serena and Sky were all on board. As the search went on for survivors Dylan and Serena remained unaccounted for, and Stingray told himself that he would not let Dylan’s memory be tarnished by his involvement in the robbery, doing everything he could to prove Roo’s involvement. But Roo had vanished and things were looking grim for Stingray as he was released on bail and his court case approached. With the help of Sky, who had survived the crash, he headed to Colac and Roo’s old home, in the hope that they would find him and force him to confess.

Unfortunately, the plan backfired when Stingray was picked up by Stu Parker, but ended up missing his court case and was placed in remand. The case was then rescheduled, meaning that it would fall after Stingray’s 18th birthday and, if he were to be found guilty, he would be placed in an adult prison.

Stingray was allowed out of remand to attend his brother’s memorial service at Lassiter’s, only for Dylan to appear during the ceremony. He had been on the run since the crash with Connor O’Neil but had read about Stingray’s imprisonment and had returned to clear his little brother’s name. With both brothers in remand, and no sign of Roo showing up, Dylan decided that he was going to take the rap for the whole thing and told Stingray to claim that Dylan had forced him to lie. In court, Stingray started off lying, but at the last minute, changed his story and tried to tell the truth. Judge Roy Evans had no sympathy for them and, with conflicting and constantly changing stories, he sentenced Stingray to four years in prison and Dylan to ten.

Upon their arrival at Warrinor prison, Stingray started to lash out and undo all of the progress he had made with his ADHD since arriving in Erinsborough. After a couple of weeks of trouble, he started to find his feet and discovered that he had an ability to fix things, something that would serve him well in prison. However, as he and Dylan were starting to settle in, they were shocked when Roo was caught and placed in the same wing as them, causing havoc and turning the other prisoners against him.

Days later, Stingray’s old adversary Stu also turned up in the prison, undercover as a prisoner named Mick Farrow. Although Stingray and Dylan were forced to pretend that they did not know him, it was all in vain, as Roo had been watching Stingray, with Sky and Stu, in Colac, and knew his new cellmate was really a cop. After a violent confrontation, Dylan and Roo ended up trapped in a cell together during a lockdown, and Dylan managed to get his old adversary to own up to everything, with the police listening in via a microphone hidden in a radio. Stingray and Dylan were released and arrived home on Christmas Day, much to the surprise of the Timmins family.

Stingray found it difficult to adjust  Serena’s body had never been found following the plane crash  and spent several days in his room, before starting to bond with neighbour, and Susan’s new stepdaughter, Rachel Kinski, whose father, Alex, had recently died. He helped her to retrieve Alex pet turtle, William and the pair got on well, before she left with her brother Zeke, and Susan, to tour Belarus. Meanwhile, having failed to complete year 12 due to his spell in jail, Stingray was forced to contemplate another way to get into film school. When he heard about a film festival being held, he decided to make a movie and enter and so he began filming his friends, family and neighbours on the subject of happiness.

With the video completed, he found an unusual way to get it to Josh Nelson, the Dean of the film studies school at Eden University. After attaching a DVD player to a robot he’d built, he sent it to Josh’s house, where the man himself viewed it and was impressed enough to call Stingray in for an interview. He then happily informed Rachel, who had since returned, that he was being given another chance to prove himself and had to make a photo story. Rachel helped him, taking pictures as Stingray went to take his driving test and the pair grew closer when Stingray was told that he could join the course in an unofficial capacity, sitting in on classes until someone dropped out and he could take their place. Stingray also helped Rachel, whose behaviour was becoming increasingly rebellious in response to her father’s death. However, when she showed her thanks by kissing him, Stingray was forced to let her down gently, pointing out that they couldn become a couple as she was only 14.

Over the weeks that followed, Stingray confusion over Rachel, his inability to fit in a university, and a new job at the Scarlet Bar all combined to see him gradually become dependent on alcohol. Rachel quickly noticed that he was hiding beer bottles whenever she came near and tried to tell him that he had a problem and needed help. Stingray ignored her, and it was not until they were doing some filming in Dylan’s car and the police approached him that he realised the seriousness of the situation. That morning, as he called in on Rachel, he had taken a can of beer from the fridge and, after the police breathalysed him, his P plates were taken away and he was banned from driving. Things were made worse when Susan found out about his budding relationship with Rachel, reminding Stingray of the legal implications and telling him to stay away from her. Despite his own feelings, Stingray followed Susan advice and, when Rachel turned up on the doorstep and begged to see him, he broke her heart and slammed the door in her face.

With Sky also facing heartbreak, having been dumped by Dylan following a one-night stand, she and Stingray found comfort in their friendship, but ended up taking things too far and having sex. Afterwards, they both agreed that it shouldn have happened and decided not to let it spoil their great friendship. Stingray then told Rachel that he had started seeing someone his own age, hoping that it would put her off completely. When he found out that Rachel was going on a date with Garrett Burns, whose older brother Wayne had been a well-known thug during his own time at Erinsborough High, Stingray was determined to help Rachel. Rachel, however, was mortified when Stingray burst in on her and Garrett at the General Store and warned Garrett off. Back at number 26, Rachel asked Stingray what he was thinking and he finally admitted that he was in love with her. She returned his feelings and the couple realised that they had to be together and, since nobody would approve, they would simply keep the relationship a secret. At school, however, Rachel was in for a shock when she found out that Garrett had been telling everyone that she slept with him, calling her “Kinky Kinski”. Rachel ran off in tears to tell Stingray what had happened and he headed straight to the school to warn Garrett off. Garrett, however, was not scared and simply made a jibe about Stingray finding a girl his own age, so Stingray punched him. The young couple quickly realised that they would have to be a lot more careful if they were to avoid Susan finding out about them, particularly as Bree already knew. They decided to stage a fight to throw Susan off the scent but she  displaying strange perceptive skills, and earning the title “Ninja Suse” – was suspicious of the amateur dramatics and Rachel decided that a safer idea would be to only see each other at night, so she started sneaking out in the early hours of the morning to see Stingray. Over the days that followed, Paul Robinson and Zeke both caught out the young couple and Janelle also caught them kissing in the kitchen of number 26, but agreed to keep it to herself, as long as there was no “funny business”.

When Rachel spotted Stingray and Sky sitting together outside the General Store, she soon realised that Sky was the girl Stingray had mentioned being with. She struggled to deal with this new information, and Stingray, hoping to make it up to her, arranged for a day out at a health spa. But they were unaware that Susan was booked in at the same spa, with ex-husband Karl, who she had been seeing in secret for few weeks, in the hope of sparing the feelings of Rachel and Zeke. It wasn long before the two couples ran into each other with both Susan and Rachel horrified at the deception. Upon returning home Rachel, unable to deal with Susan apparently disrespecting Alex’s memory, decided to move out and stay with the Timmins family. When Rachel’s sister Katya was accidentally run down by Max Hoyland, Rachel agreed to go home for a while and, when Lyn would not let her return to number 26, she went to stay in the box room at the notoriously uncouth number 30, where Stingray had spent his first few weeks on Ramsey Street. Stingray, meanwhile, began to get frustrated with his girlfriend’s behaviour over Karl and Susan’ relationship, and told her that if she wanted to be treated like an adult then she would need to start behaving like one. Rachel took this to heart and, after finally returning to live with Susan, and accepting her relationship with Karl, she told Stingray that she wanted a break from him too, as she had some thinking, and growing up, to do.

Stingray kept himself occupied with a video diary of Sky’s pregnancy  a baby she assured him was too far gone to be his, and was actually Dylan’s  but seeing Rachel around in the street every day quickly led him back to the alcohol. As his friends became alarmed by his strange behaviour, Stingray’s secret drinking started to get out of control, as he sipped alcohol during his shifts at the bar. One evening, he agreed to drive a girl home from the bar, despite the fact he had been drinking. When they were then stopped by a police breath testing unit, Stingray quickly got out of the car and ran home, swimming through the river to escape the police. He arrived back at number 26 the next morning, dripping wet, and was confronted by Rachel. As police sirens could be heard in the background, Rachel immediately thought the worst, so Stingray told her the whole story and admitted that he had run because he couldn cope with being caught for drinking again.

Rachel, meanwhile, decided that she wanted to get back together with Stingray and the pair happily reunited. She asked him to accompany her to her school formal and Stingray attended some dance classes with her (much to the amusement of Boyd and Janae) but afterwards, left an empty vodka bottle in the school toilets. When Susan found it, Rachel was immediately suspicious of her boyfriend.

Rachel then decided that some shock tactics might be needed to snap Stingray out of his drinking spiral. After sending Zeke off to find Stingray, Rachel climbed onto the roof of the Kennedy house with a bottle of wine and pretended to be staggering around, drunk. When Stingray, himself drunk, spotted her he raced up the ladder to help, only for it to fall away beneath him. After trying to cling onto the edge of the roof, he fell, landing awkwardly and badly damaging his groin. In hospital, Karl informed him that the injury might cost him his chance of ever becoming a father and, when Sky heard about this, she felt guilty as she by this point believed Stingray, and not Dylan, was the father of her unborn child. As Sky stopped eating, as a way of coping with her guilt, she eventually collapsed and was admitted to the hospital, where she told Dylan, now her fianc, everything. Realising that Stingray was completely in the dark, Dylan picked him up back on Ramsay Street and took him out for drinks, pretending that it was his bucks turn. However, once they were alone, Dylan broke the news to Stingray that he was the father of the baby, before telling him that he no longer considered them brothers. To make matters worse, Janelle then told him to leave the Timmins house and Rachel, who had found out the truth from Karl and Susan, broke up with him.

Although his brush with infertility had almost been the wake-up call he needed, once alone in a hotel room with a mini-bar, Stingray struggled to control his addiction. When his grandmother, Loris Timmins, who owned a 40 per cent share of Lassiters and was paying for his room, noticed that he had emptied the mini-bar, she confronted him and he admitted to having a problem, though he told her that he actually flushed the alcohol away to avoid temptation. Loris then dragged him off to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, but, as soon as her car left the car park, he walked off in the opposite direction.

With Sky then permanently in the hospital, for the sake of her baby’s health, Stingray tried to visit, but ended up talking to Sky’s roommate, Teresa Cammeniti. Teresa, cousin to the Timmins’ neighbour, Carmella, was suffering from a mental illness, as a result of Carmella selling her baby a year earlier and later learning that the baby had died. Teresa had become fixated on Sky’s unborn child and when she saw Stingray standing in her way, she lied to him that Sky desperately wanted Dylan to be the father, as she did not think Stingray would make a good Father. Sky was then confused as Stingray kept away, unaware that he was back in his hotel room and drinking once again.

It was here that Stingray was found by Harold Bishop who sternly urged him to pull himself together. Stingray was taken to an intervention by Harold, where Janelle, Janae, Bree, Rachel and Harold tried to get through to him, only to be met with abuse. They then took him back to the house and tried to keep watch over him, but he escaped and got drunk whilst heading to the hospital where Sky had gone into premature labour. Only then did he listen to a phone message sent by Sky in which she praised him as a father. Already drunk, he went and bought a teddy for the baby and headed to the hospital, only to be stopped by Karl and thrown out by security. Later that night, he returned amidst chaos  Teresa had set fire to the hospital, hoping to steal the baby. However, it was Stingray who snatched baby Kerry Mangel, but only got as far as a patch of greenery just up the road, before passing out from a mixture of alcohol and smoke inhalation.

The following morning, Stingray was found by Rachel and Bree, but there was no sign of Kerry. After being questioned by the police, Stingray was taken into custody, as Kerry’s baby bracelet was found in his pocket and it looked like he was the last person to see the little girl alive. Only a couple of days later, Kerry was mysteriously left on the doorstep of number 24, hours after Stingray was released from the police station. It turned out that Dylan had found Kerry in his unconscious brother’s arms and taken her, realising after just one look that she was his child. Dylan’s girlfriend Elle Robinson had found Dylan and forcibly returned Kerry to Sky. Dylan’s insistence that it was his baby continued as he told Sky what he had done, and, after speaking to Karl, who admitted that there was no certainty about the baby age, she agreed to have a DNA test carried out. It emerged that Dylan was the father, though relationships between the parties remained strained for some time.

Shortly after Loris left Erinsborough the Timmins family inherited her shares of Lassiter’s Hotel, becoming equal partners with the Robinsons. As time progressed, Stingray and Dylan repaired their relationship. Stingray had quit drinking, proved devoted to his new niece and the two found a mutual cause in trying to keep their mother from dating Sgt. Steiger, and in confronting Boyd following him dumping Janae. This was despite the fact that Stingray and Sky were growing closer as he helped her cope with single motherhood. Soon Stingray began dating Sky, which caused some friction with Dylan who did not like the idea that Stingray would be more involved in Kerry’s life. However, when Kerry was diagnosed with leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant, Stingray stepped in as a donor. He underwent surgery on March 16, 2007. Despite the operation taking a turn for the worst when he developed an allergic reaction to the general anaesthesia, he narrowly survived the transplant. To mark the occasion he had another tattoo done bearing the name “Kerry” and “Sky” while Dylan professed his gratitude.

The following week, the Timminses celebrated Janelle’s “39th Birthday”. There was much dancing and revelry on Ramsey Street, with many of the residents dancing. When Dylan asked to cut in and dance with Sky, Stingray happily agreed and went to sit down and watch his family and friends enjoying themselves. Here he died quickly and suddenly from an aneurysm. Janae and Bree noticed Stingray and believed he had fallen asleep. Trying to wake him they soon realised something was wrong and the rest of the family rushed over. As Stingray died, both Toadie and longtime friend Boyd  neither of whom were at the party  suffered a moment when their mind went blank for reasons they could not explain. Boyd later concluded that this must have been Stingray.

In the next episode it emerged that shortly before dying, Stingray had filmed a video for Kerry in which he talked about his family, and Sky, so that Kerry could know what they were like “before we all got old and grey”. The Timminses sat down to watch the film, along with Sky, Harold and Lou Carpenter, all of whom were greatly moved. Dylan, however, was not present as he had become obsessed with finding a reason for his brother’s death. This resulted in him kidnapping Paul Robinson, whose dumping of toxic waste in Lassiter’s pond was responsible for Kerry’s leukemia. Dylan attempted to kill Paul, but relented before he fled town with the assistance of Sgt. Stieger and his father Kim Timmins.

His final words in the series, fittingly, were “Cop Ya!”

Scott’s funeral was held on 30 March 2007, with the majority of Erinsborough attending. Stingray’s ashes were scattered across his favourite skate park on 27 April 2007, as per the instructions of fraudulent psychic Terrence Chesterton (Scott Johnson).

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