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"I can put a constraint porthole element names in a garage near any window in any way?
I'm trying to refresh my garage without hiring a carpenter to build windows. Be skylight units need to "breathe" and will drip a touch, but I think I could make something for the transfer. Any thoughts?

Can I put WD-40 in a noisey ceiling disciple?
Fan ceiling in the dining room sounds horrible, is a soft grinding noise when lit. I know what is too much – bad neighbors up, not knowing how to fix the pipes leaking. "I can put WD-40 on it to moderately down? It is within the …

"I can get a homemade bug repellent?
I want to keep flies and mosquitoes when I'm out. Any kind of homemade things I can use?

"I can eliminate one side of a glass double glazing, and purely to keep hold of a piece?
The reason is one of the sides is completely cracked. the size of the double window glass is 200 cm ~ 215cm big window in my own balcony and other balcony outside the window is fine. anyway to fix in a store I go cup to cost about $ 400, also by …

"I can replace a dynamic built next to a suburban roof?
We have built can lighting in our house and about to replace a ceiling light with a lover. There's a light in the center of the room is, the only light in the switch. "I can repalce this next to a ceiling fan and …

"I can simply replace the doors and frames should I replace skills?
I live in a house built in the 70's that still have all original interior doors. They are cheap looking hollow-core doors and lots of them stick or not close correctly. We would like to replace them, but I'm sure if we can simply remove the old doors and …

"I can install a regular toilet toilet Pressure?
so I have a regular gravity bathroom and as I was asking for a bath line pressure, which is not much to begin with I have a great idea, but I'm not sure if you can do. "I can replace the normal gravity plate …

Can I run through PVC (UF nominal) no burial telecommunications running into an electrical outlet outdoor hot?
I will be installing a new outdoor GFCI outlet. I will use PVC pipe (nominal UF) to run 12 g wire 11 feet it touch electrical standards if not bury the PVC pipe? It will run on top of cement.

"I can sand after furniture is to be prepared?
I am paiting some furniture and started the book, but let my children help … It is fast drying primer as soon as you get a stroke down and try even adjectives out, it becomes bumpy. Do not want to ruin the furniture, but no …

"I can spray paint it?
I have an old metal 2 jewelry boxes are silver, can be sterilized to paint? Its similar to a gold bronze color? How long does it take to dry? Thank you soo much! Peace v

"I can tile over a textured wall?
My current home is sheetrock and has a textured finish. (More texture of the walls, which are orange finish.) I want to renew the fireplace with a slate tile finish and mantle exotic. "I can tile on the wall with texture? If so, what …

"I can tile over hardwood floors, a bedroom is and not enjoy food or drinks into it ever.?
I'm taking the carpet in that room, looking for some cheap enjoyment to make tiles. Should I put something between the wood floor and tiles or sealant is all I want?!?

"I can change the name of the foot wooden floor made ​​the offer?
I did some hardwood flooring for a client to me and for me too but not if I can make more for sale within a wider range do.

"I can convert a monotonous in a drawer drawet database?
I have an old rolltop desk. Excellent condition. However, he drawer i want to use is not as extensive as a normal file would. Its narrow and long. They have no size at this time. Can you contrast the way to hang in. ..

"I can use a home enthusiast adjectives like attic fan?
The whole house fans to move according SCEC 3 or 4 times as nouns both for the same amount of electricity. Thanks in finance.

"I can use a barbecue near my trailer pop?
I have a stove coleman portable grill and you want to use my old trailer until the end of purchase. The connectors are the same in my grill Coleman stove so you can connect with trailer. Does anyone know if you can …

Can I can use a sheet of white satin king as a tablecloth on a round table instead of renting clothing for marriage?
I'm getting married in September and I think that would be attractive to satin tablecloths own but are so expensive, even for rent. I wondered if I could use a king size satin sheet and let the domain on the table. could then be reused or donated …

Can I use a compound Leveling on hardiboard or Duroc.?
I h ave a 3.4 T & G OSB as a subfloor over a floor armor 24 inches oc. I will use an electric floor heating and want to use self-leveling to cover heat mats and tiles 18×18 travertine on him.

"I can use a sink that is different from my current plumbing?
I'm buying a house this week (closing on Tuesday) and the main bathroom is the obligation of a facelift small. The receiver of the current needs to be replaced because they have some rust or rot or … whatever happens to the sinks. My ex-husband works in a hotel, and lately …

"I can use a devotee attic (roof mounted) and modify it for use as a blower to get to the chapel?
Wolf bought a stove (with the option of the grill) and now find that a proper hood (900 cfm) will cost as much or more. i just came across with an attic fan at lowes RHAT took from 1100 cubic feet per minute, wondered if it could be channeled in a manner that could …

"I can use coup ¨ | wax on my wood floor?
My mom used to use Johnson's paste wax in the can on the hardwood floors and our look great After 40 years, but that is not out of any. What do you wax?

"I can use the leveling compound floor sponsor of the forum?
I am remodeling my bathroom, and a plan to put 12 x 12 ceramic tile down. My flat side and base plates are already in place. Unfortunately, no tracks were identified for the school bathroom in the house. I have to put a leveling compound down so …

"I can use a hammer copper spray to frame an exterior tile or stone fountain?
I want to create a hammered copper look without the expense of legitimate copper. Water would cascade over a portion of the image.

"I can use Ikea wooden slats to support a Tempur-Pedic mattress?
I have a "classic" Tempur-Pedic mattress with the support of a traditional box spring, and my back is me bloodbath. My research tells me that the mattress must be supported by a flat surface without blame to work properly. I used these strips before and they are very strong, but not quite …

"I can use my existing propane grill to build a outdoor kitchen?
I have a rack of $ 500 and do not want to spend more now that I'm building my own outdoor kitchen. Also thinking of doing a charcoal grill as well. Design Did not know what to do about either, but initially will be designed stud metal corners with 4×4 treated …

"I can use NM-B power for a short time under my house?
I have some wire NM-B and I wondered if I could run a short-term advantage (25 feet) below my house from my fuse panel outlet in my kitchen? Would it be up to code? The location is dry by hand is a good barrier against moisture. …

"I can use tyvek inside the concrete block wall?
Yjere are 1 in strips of wood to hold the gypsum panel. Tyvek would be between wallboard and concrete blocks. This is cubderblock, not blocks of concrete. Having trouble next mold.

"I can vent my air conditioner portable name above the fireplace chimney?
I I can make my exhaust pipe to fit over the fireplace, but I have a curiosity if it is safe or create a dangerous situation inside the fireplace would burn contained by the winter I burn wood? (Of course I would take the …

Mold can grow surrounded by Basement Drywall?
I heard only mold grows in a porous substance close to the wood. Now I think they appear in the drywall. What I can do? Where plasterboard with paint paint dry lock to spawn drywall nonporous so mold does not grow?

Can NE1 tell me in the land where I can find a forum or web page I can post a picture of a piece of wood support psyche 2, the typical
I am restoring a showcase of the 40's and I'm struggling to identify the type of wood. Like a picture that clearly shows the grain, so if there are experts within please leave me with your email address and we will convey an image.

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