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be given in the shape of enema ; but even here it would be a

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She had lost flesh and strength, was feverish, irritable, and

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the patient a greater or less amount of in- She had previously been quite well and a

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private or public interests, ought to be en- ated products of the Laboratory and are more

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found to be extravasated blood. The small intestines are

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mere extension of the lesion produced at the point of inocula-

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In the fundus of the stomach was a large, dark blood-clot. No ulcers.

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my own practice, in that of Mr. Dixon, and others, a very sudden

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Mr. Cock . . 5 . . One death y the remainder more or less successful.

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al symptoms by which these modifications or classes may be known

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gives much satisfaction. Please write for Peter's Peptic Essence

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2. The power of resistance of the same species of bac-

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Dandruff, is fine for the hair, and keeps the skin healthy.

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this drug possesses a very remarkable power over ague, and

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about eight hours after the injection the temperature of a glan-

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In other cases, the lateral lobes of the gland are unequally en-

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the disease depends on whether or not the whole life cycle of

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defined. There is no one measure appli- more highly cultivated the plant in color,

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only twenty -four hours. The surrounding parts are protected by

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three times, at intervals of 24 hours. It was surely not a material

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convulsions, and began to manifest some of the appreciable evi-

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five or six millimetres (from two to three lines), and its length

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valuable Perils, Tables, dr., adapted to the Profession throughout the

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ation is hastened by shaking the phial or holding it in the hand.

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continued incessantly the greater part of the night, and ceasing

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On the 4th of January, the dropsy having increased so much, it

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in any disease, than phosphorus in this affection. Such being the

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gious pneumonia or contagious pleuropneumonia in the horse

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thought was taken of the irritation its presence occasions to

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w 525, " 6-, " "perhaps of all," read, perhaps alT.

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while in the one case the experience of medical men has furnish-

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i7i cases of infectious pneumonia or S7vine plague, {b) cephalic lobe, [c) ven-

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into the cornstalk fields. At present, therefore, it is limited

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