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R. ; i.e., the hundred litres of water has been raised nearly J° C. by
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Thf sfvert' boadiK'lK- ami i;cncral luusi-ular ai'lics ami pains
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greatly prolong the attack. The duration of particular epidemics rarely
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wards turns to green. The fungus is red. The Russules are
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The remedies used for gangrene and its allied troubles were
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correctness of the views I desire to impress. Although hyperpyrexia
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whether a focal or systemic infection may be the primal causative
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Now, as to the sanatorium treatment of tuberculosis. First,
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As to the silver salts, I would prefer protargol. For simple
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atica of the left leg for two months, having run the gamut of all the usual rem-
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tropics the banana is the eating variety, and the plantain
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probably are ingredients, and give temporary relief. Laville
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" Of hydrotherapy the young physician knows almost nothing when
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form glycerin. There is no good reason given for rejecting
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diminished, i.e., the arms of the aesthesiometer had to be extended 8-11
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have in whooping-cough an infectious catarrhal process Avhich affects the
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Another link in the chain in the diagnosis of enteric fever
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in its manifestations, so erratic and variable as to its course,
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bandage is placed on the back below the left shoulder ; it is now car-
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the entire chest from the clavicles down to the umbilicus, with
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be severe chill, loss of consciousness, followed by deep coma and death,
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all the general symptoms, because the life period of the micro-organ-
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the times when we were without its aid. It is a help of the
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numbers of bacilli enter and subsequently multiply, inducing general
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Obesity, chronic rheumatism, gout, and certain cases of anceniia offer
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of the initial changes ; if the pial vessels were dilated by cold applica-
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claim that infection may result from moist particles thrown off in
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California, and in other mild, equable climates. The latter resorts pos-
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years, with diminution but not disappearance of the pains. She is emaciated ;
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putrefaction is delayed. The kidneys, liver, and heart, as well as other
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every form of disturbance. All the symptoms of the prodromal stage
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one in five suffering from hernia in some form, — general
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This change of cane-sugar to glucose does not help the fruit
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cities taken as a group. On the other iiaud, in Xew Haven, Xew
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year he has been absolutely well in every way throughout the
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(4) Migratory Pneumonia. — By this is meant an extension of the spe-
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decided advantage by an application of a 2 per cent, cocain solution
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should be forced to explain the widening of the pial vessels following
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curiosity, not only on account of the unique theme, but prin-