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furnishes the power. The starches and sugars furnish much
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buttermilk, water 91, protein 3, fat .3, carbohydrates 4.8,
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In dealing hydrotherapeutically with neurasthenia or with other
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would, with a good deal of grace of manner, decline sugar
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exclusion of water. Very little water the French and Ger-
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rooted is the idea in the minds of medical men that these baths produce
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Without entering into a detailed account of the gastric diseases
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of contraction in the ventricle in lower vertebrates and auricle in all
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which has developed because the fermentation has gone too
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The symptoms are those of a general infection of the body, there
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vided with dressings with which to bind up his own or his
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pulmonary capillaries also. As soon as the surface temperature is
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reason all cold hydriatric apjylications should be followed by moderate
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found that there is a considerable change in their ratio after these
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about one- fourth its bulk, water 30.5, protein 8.2, fat 7.1,
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potassium bromide in full doses. Having obtained the anti-
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Greece. They can be grown and cured in California, but
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confirmed what I have for many years insisted upon, that the heart is
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seeds, which are then roasted and made into paste. Sugar is
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degrees above normal, and the cheeks would flush slightly;
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on paroxysmal hsemoglobinuria, in which all authors agree that the
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of typhoid fever with water, with three deaths, and twenty-six mild
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the question ice-water enemata may be tried. If carefully administered,
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This apparatus (psychrophore), devised by Artzberger for rectal
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puscles. It is therefore not difficult to account for it by the breaking
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is typical neither of remittent nor intermittent fever, but may approxi-
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diffuse tuberculous infiltration (gray infiltration of Laennec). An entire
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the bloody sputa, the rapid breathing, and so on, as the case
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I would even go farther than this. Careful clinical observation
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are rare). The urine reacts with chloride of iron, and sugar