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himself, and all the others who had come down, were similarly

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loway has attempted to carry out in his lecture ; and, al-

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will be delivered before the Society for the Study of Inebriety

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antine " in respect of persons exposed to infection, and last week steps

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training, and were similar to one he previously showed at

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to Herr K(ircjsi on or before March 1st, 1SJ>4. The jury will consist of

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when inhaled in the ordinary way, could be carried to the

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an authority on volcanoes, having contributed papers on the

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his influence and support. The funeral, which was a military


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fixed rule always to search for adenoids, and, if present, to

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observation by the vaccinator. The children should, as for-

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scanty rainfall, and low humidity to accompany a high

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families in which these happened have been isolated so that the danger

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(Berlin, 1890) held a final winding-up meeting, under the pre-

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Medical Journal are requested to communicate beforehand with the

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of urineoccurred,theresistance to theflow of blood through the

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with holding of breath, which usually occurs wlien the patient

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in the minutest detail of structure the primary growth, pre-

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and sensation might continue. The persistence of the reflex

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the veteran's hundredth birthday in the rooms of the Medical

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National Obthop.'Edic. Hours oj Attendance.— a. Tu. Th. F., 2. Opera-

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acidity of the urine. And another, that the amount of urates

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Underbill proceeded to operate. The heart was again ex-

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DOW doing well, tlie present medical officer of the association having

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for this fact by the rapidity of growth of tliis chromogenic

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remainder of the tube, which, having been freed from its

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winking during inspiration and rising again in expiration.

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be no reasonable doubt. We must advert in connection with

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letter was addressed. At the same time the society considers

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case of chloroform injection, the excitation of the vasomotor

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a light on the active dangers associated with the practices

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Nature is in these cases very wise, even in her distribution of

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tumours. These papers have generally been accompanied by

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total notifications of infectious disease in London last year were in the

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to put their property in a sanitary state, that the Infectious

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William Moore, whose name I have been surprised to see in

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